What is Soul Healing?

Updated: Feb 16

Healing limitations within the soul from past trauma's, not just from this life but even beyond from past lives. With technique's that discover your true blueprint who and what you were meant to be, but fear limitations blocks and restrictions in you life experience got more focus and energy from you.

You not only learn about your true self but how to heal relieve, release, repair your soul.

With a full reading session a healing takes place immediately and in some cases affirmations and healing meditations for a 21 day is repeated to complete the session.

A session is arranged through a Zoom meeting which takes about 1 to 2 hours depending on the reading. Sometimes a session can be short and may need another reading in the future included in one session price.

The reading starts with your blueprint of your soul and who and what you are meant to be. What cosmic energies you carry and how to interact them into your life.

What why and who your Spirits guides are. You spiritual growth and how to create abundance in your life.

The reading goes into past life and where traumas have blocked and limited you and how to break free from them, sometimes it's just a case of just seeing the fuller picture of your patterns through consciousness. I can only do a reading if your soul is willing and ready to heal.

Understanding your true self and living in the vibration of your truth life enfolds like never before.

Take the first step now for a abundance future contact me for a chat and see how I can help you.


Love and light


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