Soul Realignment Reading

What is Soul Realignment?

Each and every single one of us, has a soul that is connected to all that is and all there was and will ever be. An infinite existence that has always been and always will be. We are a Spiritual energy having a human experience. We are the creators!

Every part of our body has the same stuff as the stars. We are stardust! No seriously we are. But how often do we think about things like this?

Well if you consider this view point then you can understand how soul realignment works. Your true blueprint is who you designed yourself to be as creative consciousness.

But we were given choice!

To choose how we create but we get distracted, disillusion, hurt, lost on the way.

But that was still our choice but on a subconscious level or a high superconscious level which some call dimensions.

No one chooses to be hurt you may say! but we do on some level to either see how we choose, respond, react, or create. Sometimes we create the same thing over and over and just need a little guidance and help a long the way to help us choose the right action for the right reaction for our progress spiritually.

Understanding your true Blueprint can make you understand how unique and special you are. This can let in love essence from the divine energy source. Just something as small as that can help.

But with Soul Realignment I can clear some karmic patterns, negative guides, and balance chakras.

Clear past life trauma, by seeing where your blocks and limitations have been.

Depending on your issue, you can have clearing affirmations for 21 days to help the healing process.

It helps you to see your true potential

Each reading will clear more and more blocks and limitations and lead you on your way to live your life with full abundance and attract more love, healing, light into your life.

Free yourself and become the design you were meant to be!

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