New year New beginnings ❄️

Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to my new post.

The big changes and awakenings that have effected us all in some way, and still being limited and restricted that we all have to break free from.

My thoughts this morning were of my dream of our own true power and just excepting that we are safe and protected and nothing and no one can change that unless we believe they can .

With this crazy world I now really feel the positive change.

Working on astrology that's the only thing that makes sense at moment.😜

The rhythm of life is changing and having to live and let go, seeing the new way enfold when on the outside the world looks like to be in chaos. The strength of patiences has been a challenge in these crazy times, where the word faith to me has taken a hold new meaning.

I had great hopes last year to start a healing camping/glamping retreat but it's all put on hold.

Now with the new year ahead my focus is on the abundance and healing this year will need. So every six weeks I plan to add on my new blog my latest plans and developments of a holistic approach on health, living and healing.

So what does January have to offer? In the depths of winter one has the opportunity to go and look within rest and reflect and try not to eat too much!

With the planetary aspects and alignments we can not help but change. The pull of the alignments of the planets on each of us and our home planet.

I am not an Astrologer or an astronomer but I have studied them most my life with family members who have strong interest and knowledge in this subject. It is not easy to miss the planets lining us in the night sky and the beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn back in December 21st. Starting us into the new age of Aquarius.

All beginnings start within ourselves, and the focus on what is important and real.

Love! Love comes in small acts of kindness, eg: like not killing that spider, opening the door for someone, smiling and thanking someone.

These little things is what makes the world a better place, and we have been forced to be limited with these things, and now we must learn to appreciate them and be grateful. Take the bad situation and turn into positive, that to me is love!

We will all grow and learn a lot about ourselves and together we can develop a better new world.

Love and light