What's in those snacks you're eating?

Updated: Feb 16

I have just done some research on Maltodextrin..

My discovery of some health products that contain maltodextrin caused me concern, so I decided to research. My strong believe is 'If nature didn't provide it I don't want it"

Well I don't need to write my findings because I will leave some links for you, but mostly to make people aware of it and it's higher problem.

So if you are suffering anything like Diabetic, metabolic problems, thyroid, or just concerned about health in general then don't eat anything with maltodextrin. It is GMO corn. (USA) wheat (UK)

You will find it in

some Crisps/(chips)

poor quality oils

processed foods

and many more depending what country you are in. It is always advisable to read legals if you don't know what it is you can always research it. Process foods are weakening us and we need to become strong from toxins from foods, medication, environment.

GO to my toxic Liver blog.

Always read the labels

  1. Spikes Blood Sugar

  2. Suppresses the Growth of Probiotics

  3. Made from Genetically Modified Corn

  4. May Cause an Allergic Reaction or Side Effects

This just an introduction to this unhealthy, unnecessary product. Below I have listed a few links to view and research yourself




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