Got to share this lovely find

Updated: Apr 2

relaxing soul filling sounds music and singing by Mei Lan Maurits

Music is the language of the soul

It pierces barriers and connects us all. Here you will find music and courses to support you on your path.

I had to share this as this is the sort of music I would love to create if I had any talent. Mei-lan Maurits has a stunning voice and the sounds she creates touches where no other can. Moving and fulfilling at the same time.

The need to reconnect to our divine light energy has never been stronger, for me this music comes at the right time. I did noticed her music a while ago but only now I have the strong need to release relax and let go. Mei's music vibrates your soul uplifts you and helps you to believe in yourself again. So it comes highly recommended and just perfect to help with my line of work of soul realignment and healing. Below is a link to her website where you can sample small clips of some of her work.

Sound is the best way to reconnect ourself in our very visual world, we have become so detached and separate from the wholeness of who we really are. You can not do better than listen to this magical music to awake your soul. Enjoy!

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