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Updated: May 25

I am now adding Frequencies to my treatments enhancing the healing process with an unique approach. With a collection of tuning forks that resonate at the right frequency to help heal mind body and soul.

While the effectiveness of healing frequencies is disputed by some scientists, there is no doubt that musical instruments are able to produce frequencies capable of shifting human consciousness. This is why musicians have been tapping this powerful manipulation of sound frequencies to move crowds for hundreds of years.

Physicians in ancient times knew enough from observational medicine to detect a connection between sound and healing. Modern technology and with the study of frequencies we have made observation of the power of music and frequencies on mind body health.

Low frequencies can sicken the body and high frequencies can heal the body more we have discovered that this is the case.

From the effects of music therapy on autistic children to the cognitive rewiring associated with frequency therapy sound has been shown to heal the body in all sorts of ways.

Here is the list of negative symptoms associated with low -frequency sound exposure.

loss of sleep



loss of concentration


The Government took the application of low-frequency sound as a weapon even further, incorporating infrasonic sound technology into crowd dispersal vehicles such as LRAD tanks.

These sonic tanks produce a low frequency sound designed to induce immediate nausea and dizziness in a rioting crowd through sonic warfare.

The healing Frequencies Practiced

Stroke recovery therapy..... Music therapy given to stroke victims has been shown to increase the speed of recovery.

In a hospital setting..... shown to reduce anxiety and promote higher morale

Enhancement of acupuncture ....found to be more effective than with just acupuncture alone.

Cancer treatment without surgery....recently discovered that high frequencies can be used to attack and destroy cancer.

Autistic sensory therapy......children shown to respond positively to sound therapy

Brain wave entrainment......effective in treating variety of ailments, headaches, cognitive issues stress premenstrual symptoms.

Increased neurogenesis........ both in unborn infants and elderly promotes memory and neural health reduced stress.

Enhancement of physical rehabilitation programs..... helps motivation and healing

Decrease pain perception...... shown great effect on chronic pain issues

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