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Updated: Sep 14

The dreaded pain that can effect any of us. Well don't I know it, I have been dealing with a broken tooth for too long, and because of the mad world hoping it would be ok. Now the pain I am in I have spent weeks now trying to keep the infection away, but it's now getting in the broken tooth and I am working really hard, three or four times a day on pain relief and the infection cure on full swing.

My daily routine, has been mouth rinse of salt water with a drop of oregano, tea tree, clove essential oils.

Chewing on garlic for infection

chewing on Lavender for pain, this really works, my favourite

spray mouth with propolis natural antiseptic

15 Drops of echinacea in water or juice

high vitamin C

homeopathic Silica to expel infection.

I did take pain killers over night so I could sleep but my stomach hasn't been the same and now I am constipated so not taking anymore.

Below are some links for the alternative way to look and care for your teeth. There are many new advance alternative ways to take control of our own health of our teeth. So if you get a chance to check out the links and info below you won't regret it.

As you know it is all about a natural cure and was happy to find a link in my emails for this

Your link to the 10 Signs Your Mouth Could Be Making You Sick eGuide Gift page:

It can be a worry to get to that Dentist specially when you don't go often and don't know them.Here is what to look out for

Let’s “Talk” About Oral Health eBook Gift page:

Homemade Healthy Mouth eGuide Gift page

order page

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