Darling buds of May

Isn't it so uplifting to see the life come back to the trees and the ground, like a gentle caress to the soul. Awakening some sort of hope that seems to have faded in the depths of winter.

In these changing times, all of us face uncertain times. How does one move forward to a brighter future?.Focusing on the blessings and the small things that makes us feel good or better, it is so easy to get tied up in the drama. Lift your energy by spending time in nature breath in that fresh air, feel yourself as part of the earth around you just be with yourself and nature and know in that moment that is all there is, just this moment and be at peace in the moment and hold on to that feeling for as long as you can.

The fresh new started that we could all do with right now by discovering you own true blueprint.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and hope.

The Readings I do are based on the ability to provide a full picture of your soul blueprint and your truth of who you really are and what you are here to do with an intuitive, psychic picture of you, connecting to and extending that deeper level of Self Empowerment within you. A technique I use is a thorough approach to going deeper into your soul awakening, the healing that is right for you right now. Plus a continual 21 day mediation and chakra healing sound link to listen to for a complete healing process.

I am developing a session with soul healing combined with healing sound therapy. Feel free to contact me for more details. As I am still practising I could use some willing practise clients.

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