Are you eating the perfect pre-workout

There are many theories that protein is best at breakfast.

I wanted to share one of our favourite protein, snack , breakfast when even you like them but they do make a great start to your day if you are working out and need that extra bulk of protein.

500g of Almond flour

small jar of chickpeas or kidney beans mashed (your preference)

2 desert spoons of chia seeds

2 desert spoons of sesame seeds

2 desert spoons of hemp or pea powered

1 desert spoon of coconut oil

For savoury

fry finely chopped onions,

desert spoon of peas

You can grate carrot

Add turmeric, cumin, salt pepper herbs for flavouring.

For sweet

add cinnamon, coconut sugar, ginger

Mix all together and make into small balls and place in tray and bake or you can fry them. Eat them on their own or include in a delicious meal.

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